The demand for online training has been increasing over the last decade and continues to grow exponentially. As more people adapt to a virtual world, it's time to take action on the future of your career. This course will provide you the foundational blueprint, tools and confidence to build and grow an online training business so that you can get ahead, help more people, make more money and ultimately have more freedom in your life and work.

Transform the future of your career online

Start, build and maintain your online training business

Adapt your services to the evolving industry with the tools and business skills you need to build and grow an online training business. These skills and strategies can also be applied to your in-person career, making you a more well-rounded exercise professional that can cater to more clients.

Do what you love and get paid what you deserve

Discover how to become an online or the popular online/in-person "hybrid" trainer that can easily attract clients, keep a steady schedule and earn more money. Strengthen your knowledge on marketing, communication, client care, business structure and referrals to make the most out of your time and energy.

Gain and retain clients via cost-effective and convenient services

Removing location and time constraints expands your pool of clients and leverages both of your time better. Thus, you can offer every client the expert support, direction and accountability they need, when they need it and how they need it–all while making the income you deserve.

Live Virtual Classes

Build rewarding , long-term
client relationships

An exercise professional's job is to optimize their services for their clients. Meeting at a certain location multiple times per week isn't feasible or possible for many people. Online training gives clients from anywhere in the world a much more flexible and cost-effective option that they can integrate into their lives, as opposed to not doing anything at all.

When you offer online training, you can deliver the best possible service to your clients in a convenient location, at the best price. This increases adherence, consistency, results and ultimately gets more people moving.

Everything you need to thrive online

True success comes from finding the path that will make the most sense for you. Instead of a one-size-fits-all methodology for building an online training business, this course provides a flexible framework that adapts to you and your unique needs as an exercise professional. You’ll focus on building your infrastructure, having the right mindset and business skills and understanding effective marketing.

Packed with best practices and contributions from online training experts, this course has three components: the industry-leading 338-page textbook, workbook and digital portal with 70+ videos. All three are designed to work together to provide a varied and effective learning experience for every unique exercise professional. You’ll also be provided with additional resources, including sales, marketing and content scripts as well as business and legal templates.

Led by Jonathan Goodman, Founder of Personal Trainer Development Center and author of Ignite the Fire, you’ll have a better understanding of how to tap into a continuous stream of client inquiries and provide high quality services remotely so that you can future-proof your career.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Set yourself apart and get clients wanting to pay for your services by using your uniqueness to your advantage

  • Design effective online training packages and determine optimal pricing that gives your clients what they need while you earn the money you deserve

  • Assess and provide ongoing support, direction and accountability for high-quality remote client care and retention

  • Leverage reputation and branding strategies for client generation, allowing prospective clients to know, like and trust you over time

How do I complete this course?

You must complete all modules and achieve 70% or higher on the 60-question, 60-minute multiple choice exam to earn a certificate of completion from Personal Trainer Development Center.

Approved for the following continuing education hours:

  • 2.5 by American Council on Exercise


Learn how you to use your uniqueness to your advantage and be on the fast track to success by identifying what sets you apart (even if you don’t know yet), determining exactly how much you need to make and charge, and how to get your first few clients.

  • How to push through business obstacles
  • The Freedom Number equation
  • How to identify your 1% Uniqueness Factor
  • How to name your business and set up your social media accounts
  • The step-by-step process that has generated thousands of new paying clients for Online Trainers

You must complete a 5-question quiz in order to move onto the next module.

Get everything you need to get your business running, from customizable intake forms and welcome packages to legal protection and pricing and packaging for your unique niche. You’ll also review what NOT to do or offer.

  • Packaging and pricing principles
  • Productivity fundamentals
  • Client onboarding
  • Smart ways to provide client support
  • Legal considerations, including waivers and forms

You must complete a 5-question quiz in order to move onto the next module.

Learn how to deliver desired results by properly assessing clients, keeping them accountable, building a strong referral system and empowering clients to adhere to their programs.

  • How the best coaches motivate clients online (with examples and scripts)
  • Effective online assessment techniques
  • 6 ways to build rewarding, long-term client relationships
  • Getting new clients via referrals

You must complete a 5-question quiz in order to move onto the next module.

Get best practices on attracting more clients and growing your business with compassion and authenticity.

  • Top of Mind and Attraction Marketing foundational strategies
  • How to use scholarships to get more clients
  • How to use “guinea pig trails” to scale your business
  • How to use transformation contests

Master online business and marketing and feel confident writing sales copy, setting pricing, making sales calls and hiring virtual assistants.

  • Sales copywriting for advertisements and social media
  • Testimonial generation
  • Pricing theory
  • Virtual assistant hiring strategies
  • Phone sales training

Build your online training business!